We have developed and produced our own range of Organic, natural and eco-friendly cleaning products. These are made from plant based ingredients and are Vegan, Pet-safe and cruelty free.

Much healthier for you and the planet than normal chemical cleaners used in the cleaning industry and at home.

Our domestic and commercial teams use these for cleaning our clients homes and offices with great results and they are available for sale to the public via our online shop, www.squeekyshop.co.uk.

We have Ready to use bottles and concentrate refills. The refills contain enough concentrate to fill the bottles four times. So the amount of plastic used and transport needed is massively reduced.

The range consists of Floor Cleaner, Multi-surface cleaner, Bathroom cleaner, Limescale remover, Surface polish and Glass cleaner.

There’s also a range of our approved eco-friendly plastic free accessories, cloths, scrubbers and brushes.